Movie Review

This weeks blog post is a movie review and the movie I'll be talking about is The Lego Movie as I recently saw this movie with a couple of friends from college. This movie is amazing even if it is a movie for children. The plot of this movie is about an ordinary guy called Emmett who is identified as "the special" and is the key to saving the Lego universe. Emmet and his friends go on an epic journey to stop the evil tyrant, Lord Business who is trying to destroy the world using kragle.

This movie is one of the best movies I have seen recently, it’s incredible and executed amazingly. I find this movie to have everything in it, from comedy,  to action, to a catchy song that everyone leaving the cinema will find themselves singing for days after they've gone to see it, it’s a movie not only children will enjoy but adults as well, with jokes for all ages thrown in. In my opinion Batman steals the show; he is the funniest character, with witty remarks, funny one-liners that people will be quoting weeks after they've seen the movie he would be the most memorable character. The cast of this movie is one that automatically explains why this movie is as good as it is with everyone from Liam Neeson (Bad Cop/Good Cop), Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius) to Jonah Hill (Green Lantern) and Will Ferrell (President Business) some of this cast are the best you'd find around these days; you can't really get much better. This movie contains every Lego character from superheroes to the classics, with Benny aka 1980-Something Space Guy, which is a 1980s-style minifigure, this movie really does have everything, even finishing with endless possibilities to sequels that I really do hope they'll make.

I would recommend anyone thinking about going to the cinema soon to see this, it’s well worth your money, even if it is a children’s movie.

And here's a little video I think you'll all enjoy.

Internet Safety

This week’s blog post is on the topic of internet safety which in today’s society is very important for everyone. Safe Internet Day was only a couple of days ago on the 11th so I felt the need to talk about how important internet safety is. When posting something online there are a couple of things you need to think about. Firstly, what you post online is permanent even after you delete it. There is always the chance that someone, somewhere has already saved what you have posted, be it a picture, video or even a status update on Facebook, it is out in public for everyone to see and anyone to take and later use it for whatever they please. Most people today do not realise how serious this is and how important it is to be safe on the internet leading them to continue to be careless on the internet.

The next thing people do not realise is what they say to others can also stay on the internet. The other person may save it and use it against you if it is offensive or abusive or just embarrassing for you, if later you are no longer friends or if you have a fight, this has been seen happen to so many people in recent years and still to this day people do not learn from other people’s mistakes.

People should take time to learn more about privacy and how serious it is in today’s world. It is very important for people to check your privacy settings on all of their social media sites and make sure only friends can view your content, be careful what you post online and never accept a friend request from someone you don't know it's a mistake everyone makes and can be very dangerous.

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