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I have recently completed the News U online course in Online Media Law. The course talks do's and don’ts of copyright important topics that everyone who has put themselves out there on the internet should know about. This course talks about copyright laws which in today’s society are broken everyday, worldwide. Copyright laws are there to protect original music, film, books, apps etc. making it difficult to track copy written material around the world which also varies from country to country increasing the difficultly of enforcing copyright laws.

The part of the course that I feel is the most interesting and most beneficial is privacy. Privacy applies to everyone, no matter what age you are or who you are, everyone needs privacy and everyone needs to understand how important privacy is. This area is most widely seen by public figures, as they are in the spotlight for the whole world to see. It should set an example to people of what can happen when things go wrong if they are not careful with what they share on the internet for everyone to see. Some people believe that because they are public figures that they do not deserve the same privacy, but they’re human to, privacy affects everyone. While there are laws concerning privacy, they are becoming obsolete due to the world changing and things like the internet and technology etc. becoming must more prevalent making the world a lot less private.

I would recommend for you to take this course as it is eye opening in terms of copyright and privacy which in today’s world is very relevant and important. Although a lot will be common sense there is still a lot you can learn from this course. Here is the link for the course if you are interested in taking it yourself:

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