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For one of our blog topics we were given the option to pick our own topic, for this I have chosen to write about a game I recently bought and love so far. This game in Fallout: New Vegas. Although this game was released back in 2008 and it never crossed my mind to pick it up then as it never seemed like a game I would enjoy, luckily because of the waiting there is now a Game of the Year Edition with every expansion to the game available and well worth the price.

 A little background on the game is, Fallout: New Vegas is a post-apocalyptic RPG it is set in the year 2281 in New Vegas (Las Vegas). It has been divided up between different factions, each one competing for control of the land with different groups rivalling with each other. You are a courier with the job of delivering a package to New Vegas but you are robbed and left for dead only to be rescued by a robot. From here you decide who your character is, what skills, traits etc. you possess. After this it is the player's decision. You decide who you support, where you go and what events occur from the decisions you make. In the game you are faced with many decisions each with different consequences, without giving away any spoilers to this game!

This game is not a very long game, maybe seven hours in total to complete the main quest, but with all the extras thrown in there is hours of entertainment with all the exploration you can do across the map and the great deal of optional quests you'll be kept busy. I would highly recommend this game to anyone; it's a good game that you should figure out for yourself!

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