Movie Review - Napoleon Dynamite

For one of blog topics we were asked to guest post on someones blog, therefore i will share my opinion on the film "Napoleon Dynamite" on Eileen's Blog.

This film is about a socially awkward high school student from Preston, who lives with his grandmother, his bother Kip, and their pet llama Tina. Napoleon befriends two fellow outcasts, Deb and Pedro, whom decides to run for class president against the commonly stereotypical popular snobby girl that every other teen film has, Summer Wheatley. Napoleon decides to help his new friend in his campaign, while dealing with his bizarre family life at home.

Some of my friends who share the same sense off humor, suggested I watch this. I will never trust their choice of film again. Let me just say, I enjoy offbeat humor, in fact I enjoy the jokes in 90% of films. "Napoleon Dynamite" is far from funny. I was waiting for 96 minutes, which I will never get back, for something funny to happen, or even anything at all to happen and nothing did. The plot (for lack of a better term) and comical dialogue was non awful, had I paid to see this film in the cinema I think I'd have been pretty annoyed afterwards. It baffles me as to how it received such positive recognition. It was simply dull, and to those off you thinking of watching it, I've a better idea. Turn off the television and watch something more interesting, like paint drying, or the grass outside growing. had I paid to see this film in the cinema I think I'd have been pretty annoyed afterwards. If I was on a desert island with a solar powered TV/ DVD and I only had this one DVD I would never watch it again.

Below is a video from YouTube that has a few of the apparently "funnier" quotes. If these are the "funnier" moments you can only imagine what watching the rest of the film was like.

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