What I've Learned

For our last blog topic we have been asked to write about what we have learned while writing on this blog for the last few months so that is what this post is all about!

 I have thought about this for awhile trying to think what I actually have learned from this experience and it was a lot harder to think of than I initially thought. From maintaining a blog for the past few months I've found it is a lot harder than it looks, coming up with posts on new topics each week is not an easy task. Blogging was never something I have been interested in, so having this to do as part of my course was quite a challenge. I now understand why people write blogs, it's a way to express your thoughts to the world or find people interested in similar things as you, it can provide entertainment for others in turn that can make the blogger feel better, or for a business or company to communicate and receive feedback to their customers. They have proven to be more useful than I initially thought they would be.

Although, being a blogger is not something I have interest in I found it challenging and although I like a challenge this I also found that I have no interest in it, I never have liked English throughout school and things certainly haven't changed. Although this isn't for me I would encourage anyone thinking about setting up a blog to try it they might find that it's something they could love doing, but you must always be careful with what you post on the internet, something I have learned from this is how little people realise how unsafe internet can be, because once it's posted online it's permanent even if you delete it, so be safe and don't be sorry!

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