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It is interesting to check the analytics of the blog from just writing a few blogs over the past few months, I can see how many people have viewed each post, which is the most viewed post and even where people who have viewed my blog are from, I find this very interesting. For the duration that I've had this blog my page has been viewed 168 times.


The most common source of traffic to my blog was Google, Google was also the only source of traffic. There was a total of two entries in referring URL's both with one view each and one entry in the  referring sites with two pageviews from There was no results in the keywords section.

Image displaying most popular platformsOperating Systems

For the breakdown of views from operating systems Windows was most commonly used with 149 views which 88% of the views, while 19 views the remaining 11% was viewed by Macintosh users.


Image displaying most popular browsersChrome was the most used browser to view the blog with 103 views, 61% of the views. This was followed by 59 views, 35% of the views by Firefox users and finally 6 blog views, 3% of views by Internet Explorer users.


It was both interesting and surprising to see where in the world people were actually viewing the blog from. Overall the main source of views was Ireland, with 95 views. This was followed by 59 views from United States, 5 views from Germany, 2 views from China, Spain and Russia and finally 1 view from Colombia, Indonesia and Thailand.
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Blog Posts

The blog post that proved to be the most popular was the book review with 23 views, next came the welcome post with 13 views. The internet safety post was next with 11 views followed by the movie review with 10 views, the course post with 8 views, the game review post with 4 views and finally the last post with 2 views.


From reviewing the analytics of my blog it is interesting to see how my blog is being viewed and where it is being viewed from. This information can be useful to professional bloggers, it lets them know how people are getting to their blog and what kinds of posts people are interested in seeing. This information allows them to improve their blog and also how they can promote their blog in the future.

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